Turn your online course into a thriving business.

Build and grow a thriving online course business while leaving a lasting legacy.

You know the world needs the transformation you deliver, but you’re struggling to create leverage, or don’t know how to get the word out about your course without feeling sleazy.

We help you build a profitable platform by providing the tools, resources, and ongoing guidance that you need to dramatically increase the quality of your coursework, market and promote it effectively, as well as establish your business as an authority in your niche.

The online education landscape is rapidly changing.

You see online course creators making a great living, creating authority, and dominating their niche.

You know you’re ambitious and capable; you’re just not sure how to translate your industry know-how into online business that can truly scale.

Too much stress. Too much worry. Too much of the unknown.

You think that maybe you just aren’t cut out for being a course creator.

You might even start to think it’s just not worth it.

Until you remember how it felt to see people’s eyes light up when you taught them something new.

Woman happy at the computer

You remember how it felt to get those text messages, emails, and direct messages from clients sharing their wins.

You remember how it felt to help people.

Maybe it’s not time to give up.

You just need help.

Not gimmicks.

Real help.

From real course creators who have been in your shoes.

The ones who have seen the traps, struggles, and felt that pressure.

Welcome to the Collective

The Course Creators Collective is an online course accelerator program. Filled with real course creators who know your struggles. Who know your challenges. Who are in this together.

Your Guides

Robbie crabtree

Founder of Performative Speaking

Marie Poulin

Co-Founder Oki Doki • Creator of Notion Mastery • Notion Ambassador 

ANdrew barry

Founder of Curious Lion

Robbie crabtree

Founder of Performative Speaking

Marie Poulin

 Founder of Notion Mastery • Content Creator • Notion Ambassador 

ANdrew barry

Founder of Curious Lion

What People Are Saying About C3

“At any moment, when you’re stuck, you don’t know what you’re doing on pricing, you don’t know what to do on social media, you don’t know how to structure this part of your course… here you have three of the greatest experts in online course building at your disposal every single week so you’ll never be behind, and will never be held back”

— Emmy Sobieski

Interacting with you guys on an ongoing basis has given me some comfort and awareness and the confidence that I’m able to do this”

— John Pinckard

The community

The learning journey

We take you through key phases of course development, from budding concept, to mature product, to growing business.

C3 is a year long commitment to make meaningful change in your life by growing a course-based business. By the end of your 12 months, you'll create and refine a catalog of key artifacts for your course:

You're a fit for C3 if...

… you consider yourself an expert.

Experts realize there is no final destination. They’re constantly learning, because they recognize that by teaching, you grow too.

They know that a course is a way to demonstrate that expertise at scale.

We see them come from all walks of life, with global mindsets and friends on the internet.

They have an entrepreneurial spirit.

They’re independent thinkers, makers and builders.

They know there is a better way of doing things.

Servant leaders; they have a spirit of generosity and kindness that elevates everyone around them.

They play positive-sum, infinite games, recognizing that joy in the process of teaching leads to the results they desire.

Extroverts and introverts, business-minded and academic, old and young, artists and scientists, they are all united by the drive to delight and a conscientious dedication to artisanal mastery in their chosen field.

C3 is the home for experts with a burning desire for impact.

It’s time to leave a legacy with your work.

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