Quit 'Frankensteining' your
online courses together.

C3 is a Course Business Accelerator for advanced course creators only.

Come for step-by-step curriculum to upgrade your course business.

Stay to learn and grow alongside other top creators moving upstream.

Maybe so far you have:

hacked together best practices from books, podcasts, social media;

devoted all your time and energy to making your courses sustainable;

found yourself alone in making the tough decisions needed to level up;

tricked yourself into thinking this is what you wanted all along.

The most influential course creators have struggled, too.

They know what separates good courses from great ones.

If I have one lesson to share, it's this:
what got you here
won't get you there.

The online education landscape is changing.

I think a lot about teaching and learning online.

I've worked with tons of creators who made successful businesses out of their expertise.

They all needed a method to advance beyond the phase of hacking solutions together.

You can create a transformational course without burnout, stress, and haphazard resource-stacking.

I know that the joy of serving your students shouldn’t come with the burdens of uncertainty or frustration.

I’ve seen the journey from dream course to reality. I’ve seen what’s possible.


build a sustainable business engine.

systematize lead generation.

create a headache-free operations strategy.

relax knowing you will deliver transformation.

continue to pursue what you love.

Your Learning Journey

Ask who you know, not just what you know.

You need battle-tested frameworks and a group to journey with.

You’re trying to do it all alone, but it takes a village to raise a business.

mastermind office hours

Attend bi-weekly calls with our entire cohort to deep-dive your specific questions and talk shop.

guest speaker sessions

Learn indispensable tools of the trade from topic experts in zoom workshops and build sessions.

small group synthesis

Discuss concepts between calls with your peers and help each other’s courses blossom.

My advisory board, co-founders, and I have decades of combined experience between us.

So we compiled a year’s worth of interactive resources to level up your course business.

C3 is built by creators, for creators.

Who Made This Course?

Andrew Barry

Founder of Curious Lion

Marie Poulin

Co-Founder Oki Doki • Creator of Notion Mastery • Notion Ambassador 

Robbie Crabtree

Founder of Performative Speaking

What People Are Saying About C3

"I just wanted to say thank you.
Honestly, I don't know if I ever would have done this exercise had it not been for this. And it drastically changes the direction
of my business, too, so that's a good thing."

[on visioning]

Justin Moore
Founder, Creator Wizard
"At any moment, when you're stuck, you don't know what you're doing on pricing... social media... how to structure this part of your course... here you have three of the greatest experts in online course building at your disposal every single week so you'll never be behind and will never be held back."

Emmy Sobieski
COO & Founding Member, satschel
"Interacting with you guys on an
ongoing basis has given me
some comfort and awareness and the confidence that I'm able to do this."

John Pinckard
Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Founder of Pinck Productions

The Curriculum

Build your own journey through key phases of course development,

from budding concept, to mature product, to growing business,

refining a catalog of key artifacts and strategies along the way.



Cultivate a list, find your audience, build your course’s home base, and produce material that caters to their needs.


Learn to write emails people will read, strategically choose a platform, incorporate automations, and measure success.

Paid and Organic

Attract traffic with targeted ads and SEO-optimized content.


Sales Page

Workshop an airtight offer, analyze your financials, develop a pricing strategy, and launch your sales page.


Practice activating your network, locate strategic partnerships, and roll out your partnerships and affiliate strategy.

Sales Funnel

Create your funnel, learn the tools to manage sales, monitor conversion rates, refine and bolster your sales process.



Take a different perspective and practice the student’s mindset, design unique experiences, and form journey groups.


Turn your course into a profitable legal business, locate mentors/advisors, and sketch your scaling/hiring timeline.


Measure student activity as a signal of engagement, provide feedback, field testimonials, and develop course KPIs.



Describe the desired future state of your business vividly, workshop your vision relentlessly, and share with your students.

Course Design

Adopt the teacher’s mindset and consider experts’ strategies for crafting transformative learning journeys.

Course Delivery

Learn the principles of running an engaging course, come up with ice breakers, and make your lessons stick.

Everything You'll Get

You're a fit for C3 if...

… you consider yourself an expert.

Experts realize there is no final destination. They are constantly learning.

They recognize that by teaching, you grow too.

They know that a course is a way to demonstrate expertise at scale.

They come from all walks of life, with global mindsets and friends online.

They have an entrepreneurial spirit.

They are independent thinkers, makers, builders.

They know there is a better way of doing things.

As servant leaders, they strive to support and elevate those around them.

They play positive-sum, infinite games.

They accept that joy in the process of teaching leads to the results you desire.

Extroverts and introverts, business-minded and academic, old and young, artists and scientists … we are all united by a drive to delight and conscientious dedication to mastery in their field.

C3 is the home for experts with a burning desire for impact.

Our Vision

This memo was written and finalized on November 5, 2021 to outline the vision for C3.

It is written in the present tense as if it were delivered as a “state of the union” address.

It addresses current and past members on December 31, 2023 at a resort destination in South Africa.

The goal of this memo is to visualize a future for C3 that we can make manifest together.

It's time to leave a legacy with your work.

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